Saturday, June 11, 2011


Balmain is one of Sydney's oldest working suburbs slightly west of the central business district (CBD). However, now it is a colorful and artistic suburb, home to some of Australia’s best-known writers, actors, film directors, musicians and artists. The main street of Darling is lined with stylish caf├ęs, pubs, restaurants and shops. Just walking down the main street you can feel the energy and life of the cosmopolitan crowd.

Today we hopped on the train and bus to hit up a cute cafe for food and check out the weekly Saturday Balmain Markets.

I was hoping for brunch but by the time we sat to eat at 1pm I was already craving lunch. We hit up a fairly busy cafe called Fundamental which served surprisingly large sized meals. 'Merica style!

Green Tea
Tuna Melt on Turkish Bread
Baked eggs in tomato with feta and chorizo  

After lunch we headed down to the markets which had lots of cute booths each filled with handmade and vintage style things. I was in need of a gift for a few people back home and happen to find the perfect gift here. Sorry, but I wont be able to share what I bought just yet.

On our way back up the main street we passed by Adriano Zumbo Patissier, which had a long line out the door. Probably something worth checking out but we (and I mean Adam) weren't interested in waiting in line.
 So... instead we popped into the Cupcake Factory for a quick afternoon snack which was right around the corner. P.S. these were really soft, squishy cupcakes. Totally work my $3.

Overall, a great suburb worth checking out if you are in town or live here. I would love to go back and check out the night life.

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  1. Zumbo macarons!! (he has a small shop in Manly, keep it on the down low). We really need to go check out Balmain sometime soon