Monday, June 6, 2011

A Hypnotic Weekend Bash

5 years ago, while still living in New York City, my parents came to town for a visit my sister and me. Our plan was to wander around the fabulous city and see all that it had to offer. As we were walking through Washington Square Park we heard an amazing brass band playing, The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. We joined the already existing crowd to hear the sweet jams. Instantly my older sister and I were hooked and agreed to go halvsies on a CD right there on the spot.

As it turns out that same summer, before Adam and I were even together, he too wandered through that same park and stumbled across HBE. Moved by the music just as I was he chose to buy one of their CDs as well.

Now here we are present day living in Sydney and what do I find on the Sydney Opera House website? None other than the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble playing on my birthday weekend. We instantly bought tickets!
Best show! So much energy from the band and from the audience. It was a great night followed by a beautiful birthday Sunday filled with brunch and a massage compliments of Adam.

Thank you to Adam for making my birthday far from home, far from family and friends so special!

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