Sunday, June 3, 2012

2 hours to paradise

In January we decided to buy a car and it was such a great decision because now we have the ability to take weekend trips out of Sydney.

Last weekend we did just that! Destination Jervis Bay. Only a 2 hour drive south along the Princes Highway and BAM! you're in paradise.  We stayed at Paperbark Camp, an amazingly unique luxury camping experience. I took pictures of our room but they didn't do it justice. For much better pictures check out their website. Paperpark Camp was so remote, so beautiful, and has a small footprint on nature. Personally, next time I would go earlier in the season. The day was beautiful but the evenings get pretty chilly. You can truly enjoy the tent, outdoors, and the beaches when it's warmer.

We had an amazing dinner at their restaurant, The Gunyah, which we finished off by sitting next to the fireplace drinking wine. After finishing up dinner, the hostess gave us two hot water bags. At first I wasn't sure what we were suppose to do with these but she told us they would keep our bed warm all night. Sure enough... they did! And you'll need it when it's cool outside because there's no other heating available in the tents.

In the morning after an amazing complimentary breakfast filled with delicious bread and stewed rhubarb on yogurt and granola that reminded me of my grandma's, we headed out for a bike ride around the grounds. I was pretty pumped about our bike ride but after only 15 minutes Adam convinced me we were getting very far along and doing the lazy thing and getting in the car would be better. FINE!

As we explored Jervis Bay we stumbled onto Hyam's Beach. Honestly, this was the nicest beach I have seen. This paradise is only two hours from Sydney and I am already missing it. The white sand was as soft as baby powder and is so clean it squeaks when you walk on it. The water had more shades of blue than Pantone. I could have sat there all day.

On the drive back to Sydney we passed through the most darling little town called Berry. It had a cute main street with quaint little shops and people walking all around. Driving through, Adam and I noticed a Donut Van that was claiming to make "Famous Donuts!" Obviously, we had to pull over. Turns out this van made the best donuts that either of has ever had! They were hot off the grill (er, deep fryer) and were melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I have no pictures as we literally inhaled both of them which only left us wanting more. A good observation on Adam's part..."Sharon, it's a good thing we don't live in Berry." That is true!

Want to see a picture? A food blogger I follow has already written about the Donut Van. Take a peek on Grab Your Fork.

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