Friday, April 8, 2011

Lost in translation

Quick story:

Yesterday at work one of my co-workers was working next to my desk pulling samples and having at her late afternoon treat. Here is the play by play:

Me: Hey Iva! Whatcha eating?
Iva: Just a biscuit. You want one?
Me: No thanks. Kinda in the mood for something sweet like candy but thanks.
Iva: No worries. Let me know if you change your mind.
Me: ok

(1 hour later as I am passing by Iva's desk)
Me: Hey! That looks like chocolate your eating!!
Iva: Yeah! It is! Chocolate covered biscuits.
Me: Well, damn Iva. Thats exactly what Ive been craving! Something sweet like candy.
Iva: No this isnt candy, its a biscuit. Candy is a lolly.
Me: Chocolate is candy!! For sure Ill take one!


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