Friday, April 8, 2011

Lost in Translation #2

Every day at work is quite crazy! Everyone is always rushing to get things done. The other day a co-worker of mine came through the office desperately asking everyone for a texter.

Of course and as usual, I am lost and have no idea what the heck a texter could possibly be. So without fail, I stop everyone mid track and ask "whats a texter?"

Everyone almost in unison, like something out of a Ferris Bueller movie, "a marker of course!"

How the heck was I suppose to know what that was? How the heck is that even similar?


  1. Um, I'm right there with ya! Ok- biscuit I knew. But Texter?! I would have thought it's like someone who is addicted to texting! I hope the new job is going well!

  2. Didn't any of your colleagues explain that it comes from the brand name Texta? Texta makes markers and crayons and possibly other school/office supplies as well.

  3. Juday- No one told me that! But thank you for clarifying. I have still been wondering where that name came from.