Sunday, February 27, 2011

Want some cheese with your wine?

What a great Saturday here in Sydney! Yesterday morning I started off my weekend swimming laps at Bondi Pool. It was so beautiful and everyone was out in full force. Adam eventually came to meet up and then we went to the beach to lay out for a bit. Ahhhhh!

After the beach we met up with a couple friends, Charles and Steve, at Hyde Park where the NSW Wine Festival was being held. It's 2 days of tasting wines and eating food from various wineries around NSW. Adam and I each bought a $5 glass and then five $4 tickets. Each ticket got you a 60 ml tasting from any of the many booths, but most booths also offered two 30 ml tastings.
We ended up tasting wine from Canberra, Hunter, Mudgee, Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven and Cowra region. Some were better than others. My favorite was the Semillon from Hunter and my least favorite was the Shiraz from Canberra (it tasted like pepper).

The event started to wrap up at 6pm so we headed to dinner followed by a cool party in Darlinghurst. Happy Saturday!

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  1. The Australian wines are starting to have some name recognition throughout and I hear they are good.
    I'll look for the Semillon from Hunter ,here in Fla.