Friday, February 25, 2011

Its starting to feel like home!

I can't believe it's almost been  4 months since arriving in Sydney! Sometimes it feels longer and other times it feels like I just arrived. Probably because I've seen so much but miss my friends and family terribly. Either way its been 4 months and its starting to feel a little like home.

Our first month here we were living in a sublet in Double Bay, or as we call it "Double Pay." Our second month we moved into another sublet in Elizabeth Bay, all thanks to our friends Tess and Scott. Third month we finally moved into a place to call our own but to our disappointment our stuff that was picked up in NYC back in October still had yet to show up.

Literally, the day before my sister arrived so did our stuff! It's been a slow progression of unpacking boxes, buying furniture and getting this place in order but I think its safe to say its now starting to look like a home.



(queen bed in the guest room!!)
We now live in Bondi, literally 2 blocks from the beach. It's a really great area as it's always bustling with shops, restaurants and lots of people coming and going from the beach and CBD.


  1. Just to say: I love reading each post here. Moving to OZ is my dream.

  2. It is a great change .The improvement is significant.
    I like reading your blog.

  3. Forgot to comment on this...your place looks great!!