Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Desperately seeking stuff...

I am officially taking a moment to vent....

Its been 3 months since we first landed in Australia and we are having a great time meeting amazing people and exploring a new world.

However, as of the first of this year we signed a lease and have been living in our new EMPTY apartment in Bondi. We have no couch, no bed, no chairs, no kitchen equipment, no TV and no Internet. Only by the generosity and pity of our friends were we able to scrounge up an air-mattress and two lawn chairs. So needless to say, we avoid our apartment at all costs.

Task at hand numero uno... get Internet! Appointment #1 got canceled due to the flooding in Queensland because all the technicians were sent up there to get the state back online...understandable. It's a worthy cause. So we set up appointment #2 for this past Monday. A technician was scheduled to come somewhere in between 1-5pm (enough time?). Therefore, I was required to sit in our apartment (please re-read paragraph above) and wait. I spent the long 4 hrs finding ways to keep myself busy and when 5pm rolled around and there was no Internet man, I was instantly on the phone wondering if he was attacked by a wallaby. The following day we found out that the tech guy did indeed come to setup the wiring but never cared to knock on the door and tell me. What!!! I seriously waited all day when I could have been out! Horseshit! I now wait by the mail for our modem to come so I can hook up the Internet. Hopefully, only 1-2 more days of mooching free wireless off Katipo Cafe.

Task numero dos... GET OUR STUFF! Back in October our stuff was picked up in NYC, put on a boat and shipped to Australia. After patiently waiting for over 3 months, we found out 1 week ago that it arrived safe and sound in the land of bush walks and kangaroos. We anxiously waited to hear when our quarantine inspection date was. God brought good news yesterday when we found out that it got inspected and passed! But like all good news there was bad. Turns out there aren't enough moving men so our stuff might not get delivered till next week. I'm stressed and upset because my younger sister, Dalia, is due to arrive in Sydney this Friday and I have nowhere for her to sleep. 3 on an air mattress? Not so sure about that.

This week could go one of two ways.. Very good or VERY BAD. I am sending an e-prayer to everyone. PLEASE GIVE ME INTERNET AND PLEASE DELIVER MY STUFF!

Thank you!


  1. ah! Crazy! You should grab one of the hotel scoopons and treat yourself to a few nights when your sister is in town! Have so much fun!

  2. My E-Prayers have been answered!! Our stuff has been delivered and we connected!

  3. I'm happy to hear the good news.
    Stay connected and in touch.