Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Australia Day!

I hate starting off with an apology but sorry for the lull in posts.  It has been pretty crazy. I got back last Saturday from a 2.5 week trip to Florida where I totally surprised my sister, Sivan, and niece, Sienna, who were passing through on their way back to London. After having an amazing few days we said goodbye and I instantly got sick with the flu. After sitting on the couch for a couple days with a high of 103.6 degree, I got better and quickly schlepped my mom around town to finalize some wedding planning before heading back down under.

I have to admit being back is a little bitter-sweet. Sweet because I am back in my man's arms but bitter because we are sleeping on an air mattress and living in an empty apartment without Internet. (I am actually writing this from a cafe by my apartment in Bondi.)
This past Wednesday January 26th was yet another national holiday here in Australia. It was Australia Day! Everyone has off from work and basically does the same thing… go to the beach and BBQ. To our great appreciation, our good friends Max and Elma invited us to join them to do just that.

In honor of this day I decided to wear my Wednesday best.
We were picked up at 10am and we headed out to The Royal National Park to meet others at Bundeena beach for an all day BBQ. Just over an hour drive south of our place in Bondi we arrived to meet tons of people, food and drinks. Long day in the sun and Adam and I are wishing we had done that extra reapply of sunscreen. Learning life long lessons everyday!


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