Monday, November 29, 2010


I am a big fan of NPR. They have some great programming that provides a nice overview of news and cutting edge thinking. Not all of their programs are winners, though, and neither are all of their guests. A while ago I caught a few minutes of a special on bed bugs. They were in the middle of interviewing the U.S. Army's chief bug expert (yes that is a post in our military -- he'll tell you what type of Deet to pack).

When you think "U.S. military" you probably think of corn-fed Americans carrying around 100 pound packs in 100 degree weather. This dude did not convey that image. At all times he carries on his person a tube of live bed bugs. He lets them roam his hand and suck his blood to stay alive. He displayed his calf, which he had apparently offered up to the bed bugs as a snack, to the program host. It looked "welty" to her. The Pope gets more action than this guy, I thought.

The reason I bring this up is that I'm currently getting destroyed by Australia's native mosquito population. At last count I was sporting about 30 mozzie bites from my knees on down. My body has this great reaction where the bites at first form the typical pink bump, then morph into dark purple welts. As a result, I am both looking like the bug expert and in need of his services. Irony.


  1. The readers of "the view down under" would like a picture of your calf that was bit by about 30 mozzies.