Tuesday, November 5, 2013

RTW Trip: London

Arriving in London was a bit surreal for both Adam and I. We had both visited London in the past but this time around it was going to be our first English speaking country in a month and a half. Plus, my sister and her family live there which made this part of the trip extra special.
Adam and I knew we would have plenty of time to explore but for the first time we really had no agenda. Our only plan was to spend quality time with my nieces and help my very pregnant sister.

Getting lots of one on one time with my two nieces was great but a 4 year old and a 2 year old can really wear you out. One afternoon Adam and I played dragon with them for almost 2 hours. Essentially, Adam pretends to be a dragon and the rest of us find ways to kill him. Let me repeat... almost 2 hours!
Adam & Sienna
Throughout the week we had ample of time to play the “tourist” and got to see a number of things such as the Tower of London, Churchill War Rooms, Westminster Abbey, and the Science Museum.
Recommended by my brother-in-law, one restaurant stands out! It’s called “Burger & Lobster” and is a must for anyone heading to London. It has only three items on the menu -- a burger, a lobster roll, or a lobster tail -- but all of them are to die to for. We ordered their burger and their lobster roll. (Cue mouth watering)
Burger & Lobster
Burger & Lobster
Adam in heaven
Our time in London went by super fast but now it was time to head to America to the rest of our family and friends. Its been a year and a half since we were last home so this was going to be a non-stop friends and family tour.

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