Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Save The Kimberley

This past May, Adam and I took our first trip to Western Australia. It was such a unique experience that I doubt either one of us will every forget it. We flew into Broome and for 12 days traveled all through a part of Australia called The Kimberley's. You can read about our amazing trip HERE, HERE and HERE.

This very special area in north western Australia also happens to be one of the largest holders of gas, coal, uranium and bauxite reserves in the world. Just since our trip, the Western Australian Government and Woodside have been trying to land an industrial hub here in order to turn natural gas into liquid gold and LNG.

The gas hub, located at James Price Point near Broome, is opposed by local residents as well as Aboriginal groups, as it will be built over ancient cultural sites. There is also concern it will impact endangered species, such as the breeding and migration zones of humpback whales.

This is only a small part of the big problem. Obviously, we do not support any gas hub or drilling off the coast of Broome. As Americans, we know what dangers lie ahead.

Please help stop this from happening by clicking HERE and to find ways to help. If nothing else, please just pass this along so that together we can help educate others and hopefully, stop this from happening. 

Thank you!

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