Saturday, August 4, 2012

Crazy Ass Birds!

The last time I was in Miami I was amazed at how many iguanas’ I saw. Once, while walking with my sister we saw 20 iguanas chilling in a bush. After riding the NYC subways for 7 years, I was still surprised when I saw a rat scurry by. Yuck!

But now living in Australia we have those Iguanas and rats beat! They have the largest and most diverse range of birds that I have ever seen… or heard. Some are beautiful while some not so much but ALL are loud!

Not only are they loud but also they are very intrusive! Not sure where these birds learned their manner but it wasn’t in Casa de Laufer. Adam and I have had birds fly into our kitchen window or balcony door on many occasions! Some just come in for a look around, some take food and some even poo on carpet. The nerve of these birds!

Here are a few of the birds that have visited our balcony.

To see my favorite bird visitor ever read my post HERE.

Man, these are some crazy ass birds!

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  1. The kookaburra was practically invisible during our recent trip.Too bad