Thursday, November 24, 2011

A short list of things I like and dislike about Australia...

After more than a year in Australia, it is time to pass judgment on the entire continent:

  • Great beaches
  • Great mountains not too far from the beaches
  • Geography in general is strong to quite strong
  • Great breakfasts -- better than the U.S.
  • Easy outdoor lifestyle

  • Not a week goes by that a Kardashian doesn't appear on a magazine cover (last week they were on the cover of at least five magazines) -- why is everyone so obsessed with these oxygen thieves?
  • Pizza doesn't come close to a New York slice
  • Come to think of it, almost nowhere offers slices
  • Pizza places are only open for dinner
  • Prices -- everything is ridiculously expensive
There...that wasn't too bad, was it?


  1. you kidding? vacanza pizza is the best on earth!

  2. Have you tried Lucio's pizzeria in Darlinghurst? They don't sell slices, but their pies are definitely up to New York standards!

  3. I have not heard of Lucio's -- thanks for the tip, I'll try it out!

  4. I am not a pizza fan. But the fact that they have it in only one size(I have only tried Dominoes) is surprising. used to small, medium & large sizes back in India, I find just one size(too large for one, too small for two size) not to my liking :-)