Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our 1 year anniversay and Melbourne Cup 2011

Just over one year ago, Adam and I landed in Australia for the very first time to begin our new adventure living abroad. Since then we have met lots of new people, seen lots of great places and now have a whole new insight into Australia.

Last November 2nd Adam and I walked down the street from our Double Bay sublet to the infamous Golden Sheaf to see the festivities and funky hats known for Melbourne Cup Day. I didn't understand all the hype for a 10 minute horse race and seems like a year later I still don't.

Being that this time around I am a working woman, I celebrated with my co-workers in true Aussie fashion. We started the day off like any other but by lunchtime we were all packed up and on our way to The London in beautiful Paddington.

We had a lovely sit down lunch with starters, bottles of Preseco, yummy food, and ended with chocolate brownie ala mode for dessert. We picked horses, placed bets, and sorted out everything for our office sweep. My lame self only bet $3 but since I ended up not winning I am pretty happy with that.

After the race we all went upstairs for more drinking. Lots of picture taking and even more shenanigans.

Overall, we had a really great time and Adam was even able to stop later in the day for a drink with IFG.

Happy Racing!

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