Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Animals, Mountains and Caves… Oh My!

With Adam’s younger brother visiting from California before he deploys for Afghanistan, we decided to plan a little weekend get-away 3 hours out from Sydney.
Here was our itinerary:

SaturdayFirst things first, we got brekkie and then got the rental car. We drove an easy 30 minutes to Featherdale Wildlife Park to visit with all the amazing animals. My personal favorites were the koalas, penguins, kangaroos, and dingoes.

We drove another hour and a half to The Blue Mountains, where we saw the most picturesque views during a pretty grueling 2.5 hour hike. We started at the top of Echo Point, eased our way down the Great Stairway, and hiked through the forest before climbing straight up Furber Steps. The Great Stairway deserves its name; after we got to the bottom, no lie, I stopped and my legs were trembling. Shake it off! Furber Steps were just as hard but this time we were going up; at some stages I was literally pulling myself up the vertical steps gasping for air.

3 Sisters

Great Stairway

Beware of Yeti

We then had to hike another 20 minutes back to the carpark to retrieve our rental go, then went to our motel to get cleaned up. After some drinks at a local bar and dinner at a local Greek restaurant we called it a night.


After getting our act together we quickly got some brekkie to go and hit the road. We were running a bit behind schedule as we had booked a 12pm tour which was still an hour and a half farther out at the Jenolan Caves. Note that if you decide to do this then you should definitely book in advance. They are like movie times and they fill up fast, especially on a holiday weekend.

We spent a good hour and 40 minutes touring the cave. They are pretty amazing and the walk ranged from a tight squeeze through narrow tunnels to massive open rooms. One cave was so big that they have weddings in them and even host concerts.

We were super exhausted and on a tight schedule to get the rental car back by 530pm so we had to bust a move immediately following the tour. An hour later we were still at the caves because Adam had mistakenly left our lights on and burned the battery out. After a jump from one of the park staff we were on the road back to Sydney.

Andrew and I napped in the car and left the driving to Adam!

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