Sunday, February 20, 2011

If you're into the whole brevity thing...

One of the things we learned once we arrived in Australia is that Aussies love to shorten words. Sharon discovered that she is now called either Shaz or Shazza. "Brian", which is apparently too strenuous as well, is shortened to Baz. And if you go by "Anthony" you can expect to be called Ant.

Mosquitoes are called Mozzies. University is just Uni. Air conditioner is now Air Con.

This nomenclature extends to food. Savignon Blanc has become Sav Blanc. Breakfast is Brekkie. Avocado is Avo. And the formal Eggs Benedict has been reduced to the casual Eggs Ben.

Sharon, who is soaking up Aussie slang, has gotten in on the action. When I thanked her for making a snack yesterday, she responded with, "My plez" instead of "My pleasure."

This is a trait that would be more appropriate to the hectic pace of New York City rather than the studied chill that is the Australian lifestyle. No one seems to be in a hurry here. It's at once refreshing and frustrating to people used to the instant gratification of Manhattan. But we're getting used to it, and getting better at chilling is something I always aspire to: