Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And they still smoke...

After living in New York City for over 6 years I have become quite accustom/big fan of the “No Indoor Smoking” policy that was initiated by the amazing Mayor Bloomberg. You can always count on a smoke-free meal or drink at the bar because this policy is tailored to the non-smoker needs. 

After arriving in Australia, we quickly learned that the rule/courtesy does not exist down under. People are allowed to smoke, or do anyways, in bars/pubs. Tons of smokers were in full force just the other night at a restaurant in Bondi where Adam and I were sitting down to have dinner. Ugh! I used to think that nothing bothered me more than cigarette smoke but now I found something that bothers me more… indoor cigarette smoke!!

What struck me as strange is that after noticing just how many people smoke, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where they were buying their cigarettes because I never saw them sold anywhere. There are no pro-smoking advertisements ANYWHERE and having been in plenty of convenience stores and gas stations I still couldn’t find them there. After a little research on my end I found out that those same stores I had previously been in do indeed sell cigarettes. However, unlike The States they are hidden behind a solid white or black unmarked door! Famous! Not sure if that helps but you know the saying “out of sight out of mind.”

Something that I certainly got a kick out of are the VERY anti-smoking pictures printed directly on the cigarette package; babies dieing, women with breathing apparatuses and a close-up shot of Leukoplakia. Clearly, the manufacturer of these packages has had no say in what goes on the box. Guess they save money by not needing a marketing department.

And they still smoke!

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  1. It's funny you mention this.. they enforced the no smoking indoors law a few years ago but it seemed to only be approved suburb by suburb. Slowly alot more suburbs are taking to it and only have outdoor smoking areas or smoking rooms but it hasnt happened everywhere. I remember as a child my mother use to smoke while we were walking through supermarket isles.