Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Funny Money!

I love American money! I do! But not only for the obvious reason. When going out at night the strategy is to bring as little as possible. I grab the necessities and a couple $20s to get me through the night. At the end of the night, after having spent some of my money, I pull out the few bills to see what is left.

This is not the case in Australia! Given the same situation, I end up coming home with still less money but weighing an extra 50 Kilos. Why? Because instead of paper, their $1 and $2 are actually coins. So coins don't always get thrown into the change jar.  They have a $1 coin and a $2 coin! I once counted up all the change in my wallet and it totaled $12.70!

You thought the quarter was the only coin worth holding on to? Wrong! We have a coin here worth 50 cents and its twice the size of a quarter in weight. We saw some hapless girl buy a ferry ticket at a kiosk with a $50 bill. She had to use both hands to scoop up all the change the machine spit back at her.

Either I need to hire a little midget to carry around all my change or Australia needs to do something about their money.

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  1. Dude, tell me about it. Israel has a 10NIS coin which is equivalent to $2.78!