Saturday, December 4, 2010

Aussies know how to throw a party!

Last night Adam and I got dressed up for the annual Accenture Holiday Party. The theme for this year's party was to wear white so everyone would glow under the black lights. Upon arriving we quickly realized that this company knows how to throw a party.

They rented out part of the giant Sydney Exhibition Hall, had tons of food, desserts and an open bar from 7pm to midnight. They hired the best soul-full big black lady to sing as well as the winning team from Australia's Got Talent for entertainment.

One thing that wasn't well thought out was the Indian food buffet. Not my go-to type of food for a night of drinking. Either way, we had a great time but now I need to rid off this champagne headache and take some Tylenol to gear up for the going away pub crawl at 3pm for our friend Mo. Oy!

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