Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog Names are Hard

The goal was simple: set up a blog so Sharon and I could share our experiences in Oz with friends and family. We had things we wanted to write about before even leaving the States. We’re only now getting started for the simple reason that we couldn’t agree on a name.

Obviously, we have different styles. I wanted something attention-getting (some might say immature) that would make you think "I have to read this blog". Ideas shot down by Sharon included Hunting Koala Bears, Hunting Baby Kangaroos (Hunting pretty much anything would fly), Eating Dingo Babies (a play on the Seinfeld line "Maybe the dingo ate your baby?"), Moving to Sydney - Oy Vey!, and about a dozen others I can’t recall anymore.

Sharon really liked Two Tickets to Oz, a riff on Two Tickets to Paradise. She also touted Shadam in Oz (Sharon + Adam = Shadam), which I nixed. We were at an impasse for weeks, both trying to think of that awesome name that was witty, funny, engaging, and a great guest at cocktail parties.

Finally, we agreed to The View Down Under which is fitting since the blog is about how we see things in Australia.

Also, I recommend subscribing to the RSS feed for this blog — that way you don’t have to check back for new posts, they’ll be delivered right to you.


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